Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sophia Loren Is a Mere 18 Years & 364 Days Older Than M. Bouffant

Look! Yet another Virgil is having a birthday. Must have something to do w/ cuddling up during long December nights. Let's examine Ms. Loren's career in photographs: We start w/ the obligatory European actress topless in the '50s shot: In Hollywood, & couldn't quite believe Jayne Mansfield.
Still can't believe her.
In the '70s (?) looking even better than in the '50s. And, just four months away from today, her 73rd birthday. Just don't forget the sunscreen.We might also point out that she's a much better actress than virtually all the other large-bosomed sex symbol types who first came to cinematic prominence in the 1950s. And that the editor of this blog is really a leg person, after the brain/humor part & the "Does this woman hate herself enough to put up w/ me?" part.


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M. Bouffant said...

Il redattore dice:
Grazie, Sophia.

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jojo hanlon said...

Sophia Loren is and always has been in a class of her own. Beyond comparison in beauty which matched her passion to live and love ones life as a cherished gift and this is why shes my idea of the perfect woman of our/my lifetime. My dad's eyes would smile whenever we saw her on TV back when rabbit ears came with every black and white 19 inch tv of our days. I was the remote control as I fondly recall. Thx Sophia
joe hanlon