Monday, June 23, 2008

A (Very) Modest Proposal (Modestly UPDATED)

In the world of celebrity "news" personalities, much chit-chat over who ("As if anyone, ever, could.") will be tossing the softballs to Dickwad Cheney & his ilk, now that Tim Russert is w/ Jeezis & Maria in the big Catholic Disneyland in the Sky. Here's our take: Rather* than go w/ yet another solo "news star" (General consensus: No one currently at NBC news has the "gravitas" – yes, they dared use that word – to fill Russert's oversized chair.) why not return to the original concept of the longest running program in telebision history, as embodied in the very title, Meet the Press, & hire someone w/ enough "gravitas" to play traffic cop, while a panel of real (print) reporters, or pundits, or bloggers (Ick!) or any group or groups that are more concerned w/ truth & facts & all that petty stuff, & less w/ their blow-driers, make-up & careers in broadcasting grill the living shit out of the lying scumbags we allow to rule us. Some of you may remember that on occasion MtP shows grainy B&W kinescopes w/ that very set-up. *No, not him, although... UPDATED (23 June 2008 @ 1801): See Xtopher Hitchens' dose of common sense about "miracles" at the Russert funeral, as well as something on the (too) close relationship between Russert & Prince of Darkness Robert Novak (Catholic Mafia, any one? Or is that redundant?).

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