Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lying Sack of Crap of The Week, Orange County Version

A Republican office-holder lies about his offensive statements. What unheard of event will be next? The sun rising in the east?
Just after Orange County supervisors selected Sandra Hutchens as the first woman ever to lead the county's troubled Sheriff's Department, Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante sidled up to a conservative blogger with a joke. "I kept telling the chief," he said, referring to Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters, who narrowly lost the sheriff's job, " 'Maybe we should get you some implants. Or a water bra.' " [...] Steve Wilkinson, a 26-year veteran sheriff's deputy in Los Angeles County who once worked for Hutchens, said he was surprised by the comments. "It's time for Orange County to get away from this good-old-boy syndrome," he said. Bustamante, contacted Wednesday, denied making the joke about Walters needing implants, though the remark was clearly heard by a Times reporter during Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting.
Emphasis ours, of course. Can't this prick be impeached, removed from office or something for lying like a rug? Of course, if one of the good ol' boys, like the police chief of Santa Ana, had been selected, there wouldn't be enough fainting couches to go around in right wing circles, had anyone dared to say there was bias in his selection.

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