Saturday, June 28, 2008

UPDATE & Addition to "Wrong Again, Glibertarian Dilrods"

Two things: We were going to make a plea concerning Medicare for all at the end of the referenced item, but ran out of typing time. Later in the day, we discovered there's a House Resolution (H. R. 676) to do just that. Of course, the insurance cos. & the like won't allow it to pass, there'll be loud screeching about "socialism" & lack of choice (Absolutely untrue, as you'll be able to see any doctor or practitioner your little heart desires, not just the hacks on your insurance co.'s list, & you'll be able to use any hospital you desire as well. In other words, all the competition the market will allow, as opposed to the restrictions imposed by the insurance cos.) but it wouldn't kill you to donate & attempt to pressure your representatives in Congrefs to vote for this. Find out more here. And thing two, about the DMV. We're afraid the motorized paper towel dispenser in the men's room (We kid you not!) may not be the best use of our energy resources. Seriously, it was either this one or this one. What next, America?

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