Monday, June 30, 2008

Hoping For the End of the (Human) World, & Damn Quick

Many do not admit that the climate is changing, let alone that it's warming, & no way in hell will they grant that humanoids may have something to do w/ the entire mess. After all, it might cut into next quarter's profits if they had to change their business model of capitalist rape of the planet. No wonder, of course, because left wing tree-killing rags like Newsweek© are using trumped-up "scientific" (not-Biblical) evidence to the contrary.
It's been easier to connect global warming to rising temperatures than to extreme weather events—and even the former hasn't been easy. Only in this decade have "attribution" studies managed to finger greenhouse gases as the chief cause of the rising mercury, rather than a hotter sun or cyclical changes. (The last two produce a different pattern of climate change than man-made warming does.)
Interesting, Remember that the next time some free-market fuckwad screams "The sun is getting hotter." Tain't the same, McGee.
Think of it this way: if once we experienced one Noachian downpour every 20 years, and now we suffer five, four are likely man-made.
The Midwest, for instance, suffered three weeks of intense rain in May and June, with more than five inches falling on some days. That brought a reprise of the area's 1993 flooding, which was thought to be a once-in-500-years event. The proximate cause was the western part of the jet stream dipping toward the Gulf of Mexico, then rising toward Iowa—funneling moisture from the gulf to the Midwest, says meteorologist Bill Gallus of (the very soggy) Iowa State University. The puzzle, he says, is why the trough kept reforming in the west, creating a rain-carrying conveyor belt that, like a nightmarish version of a Charlie Chaplin movie, wouldn't turn off. One clue is that global warming has caused the jet stream to shift north. That has brought, and will continue to bring, more tropical storms to the nation's north, and may push around the jet stream in other ways as well.
Drown in your own filth, bastards!!
Atmospheric conditions that bring severe thunderstorms (with hail two inches across and wind gusts of at least 70 miles an hour) and tornadoes with a force of F2 or greater have been on the rise since the 1970s, occurring about 8 percent more often every decade. Get used to it, and don't blame Mother Nature.
Or just get blown away & severely bruised by big-ass hail. Anything, as long as world population decreases, & soon.

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