Friday, June 6, 2008

Christian Sharia, Or: My Heart Bleeds for the Victims But I Stand By The Church's Hierarchical Structure

From our Times:
In a melodious voice, Mohammed chanted verses from the Koran expressing faith in Allah to protect him, then provided their English translations, observing that his linguistic skills seemed better than those of the tribunal's official Arabic interpreter. Mohammed denounced U.S. law as immoral, citing some states' recognition of gay marriage. "Evil laws are not the laws of God, laws allowing same-sexual marriage," he told the court. "I consider all American laws under the Constitution to be evil."
Smarty-pants terrorists w/ their "linguistic skills." Hmmpf. We suppose Pat Robertson & Ralph Parsnips (Rod Parsley, to the uninitiated) will be coming out for leniency for these sexist & homophobic killers, now that their position on "same-sexual" marriage is out. After all, per Pat it was gawd itself as what allowed the attacks of 11 September 2001 to take place. You know, like gawd allowing Hitler to scare all the Jooos back to Palestine. In yesterday's Timeses (N. Y., L. A. & Washington) this collection of Mary-worshipping Catholic wackos published this screed. Two freaking pp. in Section A of the local wrapper, we'll assume the same in the other Timeses. Not inexpensive, though it wouldn't surprise us one bit if the Moonie Times extended a discount to them, even if the Rev. Sun Myung Moon thinks he's the real pope or Jeezis or whatever. Note similarities to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's approach to law & human rights.

The stakes are also clear. This is a battle for the soul of America. The so-called Cultural War is gradually becoming a Religious War. For one cannot modify the lex agendi (rules of morals) without thereby modifying the lex credendi (rules of belief) given the profound relationship between the two. He who accepts as good and even exalts homosexual practice cannot adore the true and living God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of that sin. (Gen. 18-19) In view of the above, it is urgent to resist the imposition on our country of “morals” opposed to those of Christ. Our resistance must be accompanied by sincere, ardent, and persevering prayer, since, as the Savior admonished us, “without Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5) Lastly, since the legalization of homosexual “marriage” is a public sin that can draw God’s punishment upon our country, we must sacrifice and do penance, for God does not despise “a contrite and humbled heart.” (Ps. 50:19)

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property is yet another outfit that invokes the First Amendment as an excuse for their religion & morals to be imposed on everyone, because their "rights" are denied if any laws or court rulings don't exactly agree w/ their teachings, rather than treating the First Amendment as an admonition to mind their own beeswax & leave decent anti-theists alone. P. S.: Keep your mackerel-traps the fuck closed until you've cleaned up all the pervy priests your Holy Mother Church keeps shuffling from parish to parish, you sick bastards. ASDTFP's biggest concern w/ the pervy priests is that it may cost Holy Mother Church some of her tax-free donations & real estate profits. Second biggest concern is that the hierarchy may be threatened.
Far from denying the very real crisis inside the Church, the TFP takes note of the manner in which the present crisis is paraded before the public on every occasion. It also points out that a veritable media-reformist alliance seeks to undermine the trust of the faithful in all clergy. By creating a "hurricane of pressure," reformists create the conditions for presenting a range of demands to the bishops: empower the laity; eliminate, curtail, or render meaningless all priestly, episcopal, and papal authority; make priestly celibacy optional; ordain women; and change Church morality.
Golly gee whillikers, there's certainly no reason to "change Church morality," is there? Let's just blame the media. After all, it's not that gay guys think their gayness is a call from gawd to be celibate &, therefore, join the priesthood, is it? No. Rather, "Sexual Abuse is a General Problem of a Hypersexualized Culture." Really, the devil made us do it.

The American TFP insists that these reformist pressure groups do not represent average American Catholics who are extremely concerned with the crisis and their [sic] hearts bleed for the victims of so much abuse. "However, they stand by the Church's hierarchical structure," Mr. Drake reiterates. "Their hearts are not those of revolutionary firebrands but of deeply hurt but faithful sons and daughters of the Church."


As Michel de Jaeghere rightly reminds us “the Church stands alone in proclaiming today the existence of a natural moral order, knowable by reason, and which imposes itself on civil law.”10

The "Church stands alone" w/ the Radical Fundamentalist Extremist Islamic Terrorists. "Knowable by reason?" If they can't reason the intent of the First Amendment, we're not trusting their "reason" on anything else.

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