Friday, June 20, 2008

Bobo Removees Head from Hidey-Hole, Wipes Doody from Eyes

Apparently the author & columnist has done a bit of research & thinking, or perhaps an intern or the like pointed to the obvious. "Gee, Mr. Brooks, Senator Obama's a politician like everyone else running for president. Who'd have thought that?"
And Fast Eddie Obama didn’t just sell out the primary cause of his life. He did it with style. He did it with a video so risibly insincere that somewhere down in the shadow world, Lee Atwater is gaping and applauding.
Is Bobo implying that Lee Atwater's immortal human soul is currently residing in the theological place of eternal damnation? Brooksie does imply that the CommiesRooskies are still the number one threat to the American Way of Life.
If we’re going to have a president who is going to go toe to toe with the likes of Vladimir Putin, maybe it is better that he should have a ruthlessly opportunist Fast Eddie Obama lurking inside.
Really, what is it w/ these people? They screech for hours about "individual initiative," "entrepreneurialism" & the "free market." And, of course, how high taxes for the lucky &/or pre-privileged will destroy American enterprise. But if someone is perceived as a good speaker, inspirational, blah, blah, blah, is pimped by the media & so seizes that opportunity (uses some individual entrepreneurial initiative, that is) & decides to run for president while the iron is hot, he's a Hillary Clinton, filled w/ nothing but blind Chicago-style ambition. John McCain isn't an opportunist? Since the Bush/Rove machine ran him out of the primaries w/ a sack full of lies eight years ago, he's been sitting around pretending to be a maverick, awaiting his turn to be president mostly on the basis that the press loves him. Thrown any of his "primary causes" under the bus? Um, lessee, campaign reform (Imagine that!) & immigration come to mind immediately. Whatta ya know?

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