Friday, June 20, 2008

Flip-Flop Is Such an Ugly Term

John Sidney McCain III, & more of his position changes. By two commies. (They might both be Jooos too, which makes this comment even more amusing.)
As long as he's not an anti-white, anti-semitic racist he has my vote. I'm shocked to find myself voting Republican, but I cannot stomach racism, and I believe BO is a perfect example of it. Submitted by: Amelia
You believe Amelia might be indulging in a little sexism because of perceived attacks on Sen. Clinton?


Glennis said...

Oh fer fucks sake! Remind me again why Obama is a racists - because he listened to someone telling some harsh truth?

M. Bouffant said...

The Ed Blathers:

Possibly projection on the part of rightie Whiteys. (Whities?)

If the darker-skinned aren't appropriately grateful (to the point of letting the honkies dominate everything & everyone) to Whitey for kidnapping their ancestors & bringing them here to the "land of opportunity," they're a bunch of racists. Like "class warfare" being the merest mention that maybe things aren't exactly, completely fair in the economy, as opposed to the actual warfare that the wealthy commit against the workers every...Oh, you know what we mean.