Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sports Update: Lakers Bandwagon Crashes, Burns in Bumfuck by the Bay

We had been about to climb on the Lakers bandwagon, whooping & hollering all the way, but cooler heads prevailed, fortunately. Now that the BoSox are the reigning World Champions & the Boston Leprechauns are the best in the NBA, we can only effusively thank the New York Jints for soundly beating the cheating, illegally spying New England Patriots (Hey, has anyone else noted this? PATRIOT Act, illegal espionage, etc., and the Patriots football team illegally spying on their opponents?) in this year's Stupor Bowl. St. Nick on a stick, if the Pats had won that & Beantown were literally on top of the world of American sports...Well, the mind boggles. People from Bosstown are already insufferable.


Larry Harmon said...

Hey, speaking of bosses, The Boss hisself crooned a tribute to Tim Russert on this evening's NBC evening news. This Tim Russert shit has been going on for what, a week now? What was he, secretly head of some state? Sheesh!

M. Bouffant said...

The Editor Goes:

You mean Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen? On the NBC Nightly News? W/ a tribute to...? Nothing that we wouldn't expect from an artiste The Mad Meltz referred to as performing "the illusion of rock & roll." Also "a Broadway version of rock & roll." Were he really this epoch's Woody Guthrie, he wouldn't allow hissef to be called "The Boss," would he?
Maybe "The Boss Killer."