Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sweatin' Like A Pig to the Oldies

In Southern Cali, summer is already here, several days early. Be ready for six months of whining about the heat from this reporter. It's already hitting over 100 Fahrenheit in less sophisticated areas, & even here at the S. M. Central Library, a mere six blocks, strip of parkland & a coastal highway from the beach it's almost insufferable outside. As our usual hot months are Sept. & Oct., this seems an obvious indication of climate change, & not for the good, either. Bugger™ has skedded an "outage" for 1400 today, so y'all may not be seeing us again until tomorrow. And we quote:
Blogger will be unavailable Thursday (6/19) at 2:00PM PDT for about 10 minutes for maintenance.
WTF? Can't they do this at 0330 or something, when the janitors are working? Oddly enough, the local Google™ operation occupies one quarter of the block this library is on. (Verizon has the other quarter. It's the hi-tech center of SaMo.) Maybe we'll go over & ask, or just heave a rock through some glass on general principles.


Glennis said...

Stay cool, friend. It's roasting.

Larry Harmon said...

Thank Jah that you're in the ritzy part of town. Here in Klandale it was 106 Fahrenheit today.

M. Bouffant said...


Hope the A/C was installed. As we understand it, the heat backs up against that hill there, making it even worse than in the flatlands.

If this climate change crap is real & continues, we may have to wait for Section Eight housing in S. M. rather than settling for Koreatown.

It's nice to sleep in the open now...