Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ocular Knitting Needles Wanted

You may remember the Maggie Gyllenhall whoringadvertising underwear pix we were running last yr. Or you may remember the "Alien" photo of Posh we ran. (Sadly, we don't remember when, & can't remember what we wrote, so we can't search for it.) Here are the two ladies together, at their very best. Photo: Retna


Glennis said...

Posh is a freakin' otherworldly creature. she ain't human.

I tagged you, M.Bouffant. Check your email or my blog:

M. Bouffant said...

A Sad Editor

We only wish we could find where in this mess the other shot of "Posh" we had is. It's twice as hideous. Of course, looks aren't everything. (Unless one is a talentless hack who depends entirely on her remodeled nose & chest for notoriety.) And her husband's not much good at footie, either.