Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heart of Darkness

We'll leave you for today on a note of "The horror! The horror," lisped in the best Brando we can do.
Mr. Mugabe openly portrays the election in the terminology of warfare, a battle to preserve sovereignty against puppets put up by the British, the nation’s onetime colonial masters who in his view want to reclaim the land for white domination. Either he will win, he insists, or he will keep power by force. [...] Whatever the actual count, hard-liners in the governing party agreed on a “war-like/military style strategy” to recapture votes that had drifted astray and win a second ballot, according to the minutes of one of their meetings obtained from a ZANU-PF official. “This is not going to be an election,” said one senior ZANU-PF official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the plans are secret. “The election happened in March. This is going to be a war. We are going all out to win this, using all state resources at our disposal.”
Nice. Is this what we'll be seeing here in the United Snakes post-November? Oh look, it worked. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai will not participate in next wknd.'s election.
"Conditions as of today do not permit the holding of a credible poll," Tsvangirai said. "Given the totality of these circumstances, we believe a credible election is impossible. We can't ask the people to cast their vote on June 27 when that vote will cost their lives. We will no longer participate in this violent sham of an election."
Still waiting for someone to do something about this.


Glennis said...

Fucking bastard Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Just clicked through from McArdle's. Though it hardly seems possible, your blog sucks more than your comments. Get a Cindy McCain blow-up doll and stop inflicting yourself on the internets.

M. Bouffant said...

The Inflictor-in-Chief Replies:

At last, we're pissing someone off!! I hope this isn't just one of our acquaintances trying to make us feel better. By the way, "Anonymous," does this mean you think Mugabe is totally hapnin'? Or are you just standing up for Cinderella?

Thanks for clicking, do come back anytime, & often!!