Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flame On!!

Burn the United States Flag!Today is Flag Day, just another indication of how shallow & superficial these United States are. Appearances are all that count in the home of the brave. (No other people are brave?) Do we have a Constitution Day? Probably, but much more fuss is made about Flag Day. You tell us which is more important, a piece of colored cloth or the very document whence come our "freedoms?" Does the President-to-be swear to preserve, protect & defend the Flag or the Constitution at the inaugural? Does the First Amendment to said Constitution guarantee the right to free speech & expression? You bet it does!

By the way, these colors may not run, but they certainly fade.

Click the flag at top to burn, baby, burn!!


Larry Harmon said...

Burn, baby, burn! I remember that 4th of July party at Casa de where somebody tried (not too successfully) to burn one of those cheap plastic flags and some would-be Silver Lake hipster cretin objected. Fucking moron! There's one (or more than one) in every crowd.

M. Bouffant said...

The Editor Replies:

We were the burner, the asswipe who got uptight was, we think, some bozo who called hisse'f "Zolar X," a club promoter or other such low-life & a friend of Mme. Mockingbird, if we're not mistaken. He didn't just object, he actually interfered w/ the project. We think the doubtless made in China flag went up pretty well. But the nerve of that fuckwad, trying to stop us from flagburning in our own Swish Alps dump! A man's home is his castle, damnit!!

Glennis said...

How come nobody ever registers when Flag Day is, if the flag is so friggin important? I wouldn't have know it was Flag Day if you hadn't brought it up.

and BTW - WTF is celebrating Flag Day supposed to be, anyway? What are we supposed to do?

Yay, Flag!

M. Bouffant said...

The Editor Blathers:

Other, less "elitist" areas like Lancaster & Orange County have some sort of celebration/event. A Santa Ana city councilman wants to "manufacture" the world's largest flag (American, natch) & fly it in Santa Ana. He was quoted as hoping it would "improve Santa Ana's image." ?????

You're actually correct, there's not really that much to do about F. D. (probably 'cause no one gets a three day wknd.) but there's even less about the Constitution.

Yesterday was the 231st anniv. of the Continental Congress authorizing what we guess is the Betsey Ross version of the flag, if any one cares.