Thursday, June 12, 2008

Self-Righteous Jerk of The Week (So Far)

In the wake of more blather about NBA referee corruption:
On Wednesday, NBA referee Bob Delaney, who worked Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals with Dick Bavetta and Ted Bernhardt, told ESPN that he has not been contacted by the league or federal investigators about Donaghy's allegations that two referees in that Lakers-Kings game intended to assure the series went seven games. Said Delaney, a former New Jersey State trooper: "This is not the first time a known or convicted criminal has lied about me before the judicial system. I have an extensive law enforcement background, and still train police officers. I have dealt with criminals and informants, and I know full well they are capable of doing and saying anything."
OK, Trooper. No police officer has ever lied on the witness stand? The neologisms "testiphony" & "testilying" have no basis in fact? And police brutality? Same coin, different sides, cops & "criminals." Crap like this from some fucking jerk makes me ready to believe everything bad about NBA referees. A New Jersey State Trooper. No corruption there. Shit, pigs invented corruption, didn't they?

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