Friday, June 27, 2008

Wrong Again, Glibertarian Dilrods!!

Many foolish "free-market" morons & other glibertarians, opposed for whatever reason (over investment in insurance cos., perhaps?) to universal health care, use the DMV or MVD or whatever it's called in your state as an example of how gummint bureaucracy will make you die. Today this reporter visited the Calif. DMV, in the City of Santa Monica, to renew his ID card. Made an "on-line" appointment for 0950, showed up maybe five minutes late, had to wait no more than five minutes after filling out the form & returning it to the first window, paid the fee & had a pleasant conversation w/ the guy at the second window (& the customer at the window next to us, all of us bitching about show bidness agents & managers) then went to the signature, thumbprint & photo window, & was out of there by 1025. That's half an hour. Compare this rapid, efficient & pleasant experience to dealing w/ an insurance company whose sole purpose for existence is to make a profit, which is best achieved by screwing the customers out of as much health care as possible. Or by laying off employees, thereby making it even more difficult for the insured to get help, the tests or procedures that they need, & so on. Which do you choose? Minimal care from profit-driven "insurance," or shared risk in the largest possible pool, provided by people who aren't driven by greed? Tough choice, we know.

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