Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do You Give a Fuck? We Sure Don't

Not about the John Bolton op-ed piece in today's wrapper of fish, anyway. Dead fish wouldn't want to be wrapped in this crap. The most cursory peek reveals:
This is perhaps the most breathtakingly naive statement of all, implying as it does that it is actually U.S. policy that motivates Iran rather than Iran's own perceived ambitions and interests. That would be news to the mullahs in Tehran, not to mention the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah.
One of Iran's primary ambitions & interests is not to be blown to shreds by a crazed United Snakes, which has made the "obliteration" of Iran almost official policy. We suppose Bolton's next move will be to deny that "infidel' Troops being stationed in Saudi Arabia was one of the reasons Bin Laden attacked this nation on 11 September 2001. Then he'll deny that the removal of those troops was an act of surrender. After all, his new book is entitled Surrender Is Not an Option. 'Cause we all know President Obama wants to hand Florida over to the Ay-rabs, just as soon as he's returned the Southwest to Mexico. 'Surrender." So lame we forget to laugh. Equally lame: "San Francisco Democrats." Another classic Bolton pulls from his pooper.
It is an article of faith for Obama, and many others on the left in the U.S. and abroad, that it is the United States that is mostly responsible for the world's ills. In 1984, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Jeane Kirkpatrick labeled people with these views the "San Francisco Democrats," after the city where Walter Mondale was nominated for president. Most famously, Kirkpatrick forever seared the San Francisco Democrats by saying that "they always blame America first" for the world's problems. In so doing, she turned the name of the pre-World War II isolationist America First movement into a stigma the Democratic Party has never shaken.
Bullshit. Sheer unadulterated bullshit. Remember, Bolton is the bozo Bush couldn't get confirmed as ambassador to the U. N., so he had to sneak-appoint him when the Senate was out of session. What a colossal tool. Blame America first, last, & always, we say. You won't get very far from the truth when you follow common sense.

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