Saturday, June 28, 2008

Annals of Irony

From the AP, via MSNBC (plenty more links there, should you desire, we're just disgusted w/ the entire disgusting mess) we learn that President Chucklenuts* isn't completely happy w/ the election process in Zimbabwe.
"We will press for strong action by the United Nations, including an arms embargo on Zimbabwe and travel ban on regime officials," Bush said in a statement issued while he spent the weekend at Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland.
Gee, could we have an arms embargo on the United Snakes, as a result of our two most recent presidential events? No arms coming in, & none shipped out either? We're perfectly willing to let regime officials travel, however, especially to places where they're likely to get picked up for war crimes. *"President Chucklenuts" courtesy of left-wing hate-monger (That boy is ANGRY!!) Mike Molloy, M-F 1800-2100 PT.

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