Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Cynic Heard From

A letter to the Times in response to the John & Cinderella McCain: "Yes to drunk driving by teen-agers" story we mentioned.
Hard to swallow Re "McCain may have conflict brewing," June 22 Poor John McCain. He might have a conflict of interest because his wife owns a beer distributorship that holds federal and state licenses to distribute beer and lobbies Congress and regulatory agencies on alcohol-related issues that involve public health and safety. Give us a break. That didn't stop the oil moguls from becoming president and vice president. Nor did it stop Dick Cheney from holding secret energy meetings. The entire premise of this article is a joke. Kate Lansing West Hills
Wow. An article in a once-better, semi-major metropolitan cage-liner is a "joke?" Oh, such cynicism. We worry for our republic.

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