Sunday, June 29, 2008

Presidential Preview: Us vs. Them

In the wake of Zimbabwe's presidential activity (can't really call it an election) & recent U. S. elections, as well as the Stupreme [sic] Court's "Guns for Everybody" decision, it is now the official position of this web log that all hate-filled leftists, "progressives," Democrats, Greens, & the like should arm themselves as heavily & as soon as possible, in order to defend effectively themselves, their families & friends, their houses & property, & American democracy itself, from the "Guns Gawd, & (We hate) Gays" elements, who don't much like black folk either, & may want to pull another Zimbabwe (ironically) ratcheer at home in the United Snakes, should Senator Obama attain the presidency. Assuming of course that Diebold & other reactionary elements don't cheat him out of it, in which case it will be up to us to attack them to insure democracy's continued existence. Call us paranoid (We dare you!) but better safe than sorry, & don't come to us looking for protection or ammunition if the shit does hit the fan.


Susan of Texas said...

Step one.

M. Bouffant said...

From Edit Boy:

Almost mentioned that story ourself.