Wednesday, July 30, 2008

China Becoming "More American" Every Day

Remember Sam Brownback, the rabid Catho-Republican from Kansas? No, we don't either, but the name is familiar. Whoever he is, he's in a hissy fit about the Chicoms snooping on people in China. It's their country. Don't they have the right to see what their guests are doing?
Brownback, who staged an unsuccessful campaign for president this year, released documents that he said were notices to the hotels on Internet security. The authenticity of the documents could not be checked and portions were redacted.
Really? Couldn't be confirmed as authentic, you say?

Brownback has been a critic of China on human rights issues and has been among U.S. lawmakers calling on President George W. Bush to boycott the Olympics opening ceremonies, largely to highlight allegations of Beijing's supply of arms to Sudan in return for oil. Those weapons have been used to carry out genocide in Darfur, according to China critics.

China has called human rights allegations nothing more than "noise pollution" and is hoping the Olympic Games will boost its international image.

Say, how did Senator Sam vote on the "PATRIOT" Act, anyway? Even while the Chicoms are watching you, they're cutting your access to anything they might not want you watching or reading, in coöperation w/ the nasty rich aristocrats who run the IOC as their personal cash cow. Birds of a feather, eh?
Reporters without Borders, a Paris-based media watchdog, said it was increasingly concerned that there would be many cases of censorship during the Olympics. "We condemn the IOC's failure to do anything about this, and we are more skeptical about its ability to ensure that the media are able to report freely," the group said in a statement. [...] Chinese officials assured news organizations "complete freedom to report" when bidding for the games seven years ago. The International Olympic Committee received further such assurances in April. But Kevan Gosper, a senior member of the IOC, said this week that the promise will apply only to sites related to "Olympic competitions."

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