Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Clusterfuck w/ Dice

Per the NYT, a potential McCain admin will be a colossal mess of conflicting advisers, consultants, counselors & so on, many of them demoted or at least replaced, but w/o being told. This is the "executive experience" J. Sidney obtained from being the commander of a peacetime training squadron?

All of this intrigue breeds discouragement among even those former McCain associates who do not dispute the notion that voters now might be getting an early glimpse of the messy, unstructured way in which a McCain White House might be managed. They are hard-pressed to explain why Mr. McCain tolerates this — or encourages this — or why he has trouble cutting ties with people who have not served him well over the years.

“I can’t answer the why,” said John Weaver, who was one of Mr. McCain’s closest advisers before being forced out in a shake-up last year. “It is just that way and for his own sake, he needs to finally, firmly decide where he wants to take this campaign.”

Maybe Senator McCain could toss some dice to make the final decisions.

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