Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bandwagon Jumped, Or About To Be

We're still not sure if we're on the former Brooklyn Bums (said w/ affection, or affectation) bandwagon, even though said L. A. Dodgers are seven & three over the last ten games & just acquired Manny Ramirez, the whack job & ball-whacker, from Boston's World Champion Red Sox. We're definitely on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim bandwagon. Best record in the majors, & winning on the road, as indicated by the three game sweep of the Beantown bozos at Fenway that was concluded last night. Freeway Series? Not fucking likely. As of now. We'll see how the Bums do against the division-leading Snakes of Arizona over the wknd. before climbing the rest of the way onto their proverbial bandwagon.


Glennis said...

Hmm, I can't get all warm about Anaheim, having been a Mariners fan for so long (yes, I know, we suck!). But...just maybe....

Go Dodgers!

M. Bouffant said...

Editorial Reply:

In our day, the only "pro" team were the recently departed SuperSonics, who started after we got there. But we did go to The Lakeside School for (then) Boys w/ Seahawks owner Paul Allen. Not that it's done us any good since.

We "grew up" as a Giant fan, so don't be shy about changing your sports loyalties like McCain changes his positions!!

Glennis said...

Gasp! You're not from Seattle, are you?


spend much time at the Paramount Northwest, Moore Egyptian, or blue Moon Tavern?

M. Bouffant said...

Editor Gets to Talk About Himself Again, Bringing Joy to His Colossal Ego:

Native of San Francisco, that other rainy city, but lived in Madison Park from 1964-70. Achieved puberty (TMI?) & became a fringie (as the then "underground" paper, The Helix, referred to hippie-types) or at least a teeny-bopper, discovered consciousness alteration & so on in Seattle. So in one sense we are from there. The only place for minors to hang in those days was the Eagles Auditorium, or on the streets of the "U" District. Did see the Mothers at the Paramount NW in late August/early September 1971, when I arranged for some of my high school pals to present FZ w/ a mudshark on stage, when the boys were touring to support the Live at the Fillmore East pseudo-bootleg w/ the Edgewater Inn mudshark references on it, since you asked.

Your mentioning having lived in Seattle @ S,N! was how we first noticed you among the usual gang of idiots there, by the way.