Thursday, July 17, 2008

There Will Be More Wars, My Friends

Rosa Brooks' column in the regional (soon to be missed, a little) cage liner is yet another "pick on Bush & McCain" screed, implying that neither one has kept their eyes on the Afghan ball. Really? The most frightening part follows.
At best, we'll withdraw most of our troops from Iraq within two years and redeploy many in Afghanistan, but that would still be a far cry from the 400,000 troops the outgoing commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan thinks are really needed. (Bye-bye, Iraq quagmire, hello, Afghanistan quagmire!) At worst, we'll need to maintain a massive troop presence in two countries at once (All Quagmire, All the Time). And no U.S. military strategy will succeed if it's not accompanied by a regional political and diplomatic strategy: Stabilizing Afghanistan is inextricably linked to diffusing Pakistan's political crises as well. Doing this adequately will take resources and patient, sustained attention.
In other words, the United Snakes is screwed, whether Sen. McCain cheats his way into office or the wishes of the people, as opposed to those of the Electoral College (or Stupreme Court) are honored & Sen. Obama takes office. As mentioned just yesterday, trouble is up in the 'Stan, along w/ the death toll. A re-run of the late '80s & early '90s may be about to occur, w/ a slight difference: The U. S. of A., already in an economic meltdown, gets itself bogged down in Afghanistan. (Note this well: Once America is perceived as losing, the paid-to-fight warlords will be knocking each other over to be first to get back in the good graces of the Taliban.) Russia (formerly the Soviet Union, still a bunch of fascist mystics) enriched by a sudden jump in oil & gas prices, may just decide to "help" the Taliban/AQ forces. And the U. S. may collapse under the weight of 400,000 quagmired troops (Of course, it will take five yrs. or so for all the forces needed to get there, once someone realizes we're underpersoned to begin w/. One thing America doesn't do is learn from history, even last wk.'s.) just as the Soviet Union eventually did. Couldn't happen to a nicer, or more deserving empire.


Larry Harmon said...

"Soon-to-be-missed" cage-liner? Is the LA Times going out of business? Where oh where will Bennington graduates like Jesse Katz find employment? Oh, that's right,almost anywhere. We state U. graduates feel the throes of recession first among college graduates. So bouff, what's the deal with the Times?

M. Bouffant said...

The Editor may be getting just a bit ahead of himself, but they've announced a further shrinking of the paper's physical size, the publisher just quit (How many publishers/editors have they gone through in the last five yrs.? Jeezis!!) Sam Zell, owner/real estate mogul wants to sell the Times bldg. downtown, & newspapers are in bad shape all over. It wouldn't be too surprising to us for the LAT to be the first major metropolitan daily to stop printing & go totally on-line. Which thrills the nihilist in us, but we don't want to spend a dollar for the NYT just to have something to read w/ our a. m. coffee. Guess we would need to buy a laptop, unless we get housed soon.