Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb – India & Istanbul?

What hath the Beach Boys wrought? ("Barbara Ann" not actually their composition, but...) We've already mentioned our Carlinian desire for tragedy in Beijing. Is this all merely an introduction to a bigger bang? VOA News:
High-level security officials met in India, following serial bomb blasts in two large cities. An estimated 25 explosions in Bangalore and Ahmedabad on Friday and Saturday killed more than 45 people and wounded about 100 others.
A typing Ant reports on death, horror, maiming & the like in Istanbul.
Many were injured in the second blast after they rushed to the area to help the casualties of the first explosion in the working class Gungoren neighborhood, witnesses said. The blasts were about 10 minutes apart. "There is no doubt that this is a terror attack," Gov. Muammer Guler told reporters. "The fact that there was a crowd in the area has increased the number of casualties," he added.
We like people who think ahead & maximize potential. Kurds, jihadis, whomever. More destructive power to them.

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Glennis said...

everyday people being killed isn't ever any good. How awful.

Just so you know, MB, i am in the belly of the beast, one block from Disneyland.

Come visit the blog (can't get the email addy here). I need a dose of your reality to counteract the falseness here.