Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Only Monday!! Why Is He in the Dog Trainer Today?

Had quite a shock this a. m. while perusing the Times @ Starbucks©. We thought we'd missed a day, & it was already Tues.!! Turns out that, for some reason, the fish wrapper decided to print more of Jonah Goldberg's output than contractually required. And it might not be a bad move for Jonah. Indeed, he may have found his comfort level. The piece, which occupies more than half the op-ed page, consists mostly of photographs, & doesn't involve any complete sentences, just Jonah's "capsule commentary"/handicapping of John Sidney McCain III's potential veep choices. We'll note that he neglects to mention Louisiana gubnor Bobby Jindal's famous "exorcism" activities. Perhaps Jonah should note the ease w/ which his research assistant/intern pulled this off (half an hour maximum?) & devote his flunky's time to more of the same: Picture books w/ simple captions. For children. Think how much the young would hate the "nanny state" that so worries our young friend. (Note to the literal-minded: We're being condescending.)

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