Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sports Round-Up

It comes down to NFL trivia Presidential candidate John McCain apparently isn't one for trivial pursuit. On Friday, Morning Briefing reported that McCain told a Pittsburgh television station that he had named members of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line in 1967 when he was a POW in Vietnam and captors asked for the names of his squadron mates. However, in McCain's autobiography, he wrote that it was members of the Green Bay Packers that he named. A campaign spokesperson called it a memory lapse.
Call it what you will, we call it lying. Perhaps he changes it for each community he visits. And, as indicated below, the Steelers' best known defensive line (The Steel Curtain) didn't happen until the 1970s.
Trivia time McCain would have to have been quite a Steelers fan to name their 1967 defensive line. They were 4-9-1, and it isn't that easy to name even the coach of that team. Can you?
Quite a fan, we'll just fucking bet.

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