Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FISA Bill Passes: It Makes No Difference

Oh, stop wringing your hands & get up from your fainting couches, precious leftist/liberal flowers. The passage of the FISA bill today makes not a dime's worth of difference. The unauthorized & illegal monitoring of everything that you do that doesn't involve cash transactions (ATM w/drawals excepted, of course) has been going on since before 11 September 2001, has not stopped for one minute since, & wouldn't have stopped even if the House & Senate combined had voted 535-0 against any electronic monitoring whatsoever, warranted or not, & w/ a warrant or not. Stop kidding yourselves: Wake up to the real world, where most U. S. Gov't. "security" employees put in their 20 or 30 yrs., retire w/ a healthy pension, & then go to work for a telecom or a banking firm, becoming essentially an inside person for their friends & colleagues still working for the unitary executive. Bear in mind that your fellow Americans, being even stupider & more ignorant than you, could not possibly care any less, as they think they're "not doin' nothin' wrong, the gubmint's jus' tryin' uh ketch turrists. Whassa big deal? I don' give uh fug. Stop whinin', sissy boy. If yew ain't lookin' at kiddie porn, whatta yew wurred 'bout?" And don't pretend for a minute that places like Room 641A have ever stopped working, or will ever. The telecom cos. are willing to do anything for the gov't. in exchange for greater opportunities to consolidate & charge consumers more; even if they weren't, the shadow world of former FBI personnel & former employees of other agencies working for any & all corporate entities will assure the free exchange of information between corporations & gov't. (It's a two way street, you know, & both sides are more than ready to do the proverbial tango on it.) About the only advice we can give you at this point is to get as many of those guns to which the Stupreme Court recently said you have a right, & just start using them on any governmental representative that gets in your cross hairs. Perhaps you could start on actual Representatives & Senators, work your way up to the various cabinet members, & finally do a little "impeachment" right at the top, if you know what we mean. Now we'll see if they're really monitoring this web log!!

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