Thursday, July 31, 2008

Annals of Posthumous Nepotism & Bitterness, Or: "Nice Work If You Can Get It"

Gee, too fucking bad that our immediate paternal ancestor wasn't well-known & "respected" in a field or company we would have been interested in when he died young, isn't it? We were only sixteen then (it happened 10 days before our seventeenth birthday) but that wouldn't have been too young to start, would it?
Russert, 22, a May graduate of Boston College with a degree in history and communications, will cover the youth vote through the national political conventions and the general election, the network said. Russert said he would be an at-large correspondent reporting for many of NBC’s outlets, including “NBC Nightly News,” TODAY, MSNBC and
How many 22 yr.-olds start their careers as "at-large correspondents" for one of the major news-gathering organizations? Not too fucking many, that is, none. Maybe by "at large" they mean Luke is expected to swell up like his late father, the pudge. Do you think they're just paying him Big Tim's old salary, as well? Or did Big Tim have something on an executive or two at NBC Universal? That would explain a lot more than this. Bitterly Yours, M. Bouffant

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