Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Terminator Jokes This Time

Nope, we're going straight for the "son-of a-Nazi" references here! We s'pose most Californians are aware of Arnold's plot to cut State employee pay to the Federal minimum wage (not even the Calif. min. wage, which is, of course, higher than the Federal min.) while the budget crisis continues, as it does virtually every yr. (Change the fucking 2/3 majority requirement for a budget to be passed, lawmakers, & before next yr.'s go-round!!) Please don't let that steroid damaged prick & his fellow Republican scum-bunnies balance their budget on the backs of state workers or (even worse) disabled losers like the editorial staff here who need dat money fum de gubmint!!! Click & sign, if you'd like to make your opinion known & receive a pile of fund-raising spam from the Donkey Party. (Not what you think, sickening pervs!!)

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