Friday, July 11, 2008

Godwin's Law Not Invoked

Here at Just Another Blog™, we like to call a fascist a Nazi, & vice versa, stupid Interweb "Laws" notwithstanding. And if this lovely item about overt fascist & crypto-Nazi Italian billionaire Silvio Berlusconi's gov't. doesn't call for the suspension of said law, what does?
The Italian government knew it was courting criticism when it began rounding up and fingerprinting the oft-targeted minority known formally as the Roma. But the proclamation from Europe's chief elected body was an especially embarrassing blow to the 2-month-old right-wing administration of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Italy immediately said it would ignore the resolution. "Our aim is to put an end to the disgrace of nomad camps," said Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, member of a small xenophobic party that is part of the ruling coalition. He was referring to the ramshackle settlements around major Italian cities where thousands of Gypsy families live.
One good way to "put an end to the disgrace" would be to build or provide housing for these poor fuckers, who've been on the receiving end of scapegoating, discrimination, projection, displacement & every other pop psychological term we can come up w/ for hundreds of yrs. in Europe. Oh, not to mention that the Nazis offed hundreds of thousands of them, putting them right behind the Jewish people on the final solution list. (We think. Look it up yourself if you give a shit, which you of course don't.) That's what gives us the nerve to violate Godwin's Law. And note that the Interior Minister is a member of a "small xenophobic party." Not unlike one-time Yankee Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft, who as a Babtiss was quite the xenophobe himself.
After several high-profile crimes blamed on Gypsies, the new government launched a crackdown on the itinerant population, sending police to round up individuals and raze their huts and homes. Scores of Gypsies and other foreigners were expelled. Vigilantes burned some camps.
Reminds us of, oh, Burma/Myanmar, & some of those African countries where the problem of refugees &/or poverty is solved by burning out the refugees/poor. See? Problem solved. How interesting that a "xenophobe" who doubtless has a few choice things to say about Africans & Asians would adopt similar solutions. Also a "solution:"
A proposed package of tough security measures could remove children from the camps while expelling their parents from the country.
WTF? Those of you w/ a passing acquaintance w/ the anti-American history taught at our liberally biased universities may remember similar programs right here in the United Snakes. Except there wasn't as much expelling of parents as plain old fashioned massacring. Details, details.
Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, who until recently served as the EU justice commissioner, criticized the European motion as unfounded and politically motivated. Fingerprinting "does not target ethnic groups and is not inspired by racism but by the elementary need to identify anyone who does not have a valid document," he said.
Ah, Europe..."May ve see your paperzzz, pleasse?"
In a letter this week to EU officials, a Rom advocacy group protested the crackdown, alleging that Italy had become a police state that is depriving residents of constitutional guarantees. Rom families, says the human rights group EveryOne, "are subject to every kind of pressure and intimidation until they give up protesting or turning to the legal system."
Democracy & freedom: Just so, y'know, 20th century. Let's put it all behind us & move on.

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