Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nation of Sheep
Tell Me What Ya Gonna Do
When The Commies & The Homos
Come Looking For You?

Yes, they live among us, & no, communism has never left their lexicon of menace. It still lurks just around the corner, down a dark alley right next to a re-built Berlin Wall, we suppose. (Is there also a comeback in the works for the editorial cartoon "anarcho-terrorist," gripping a bowling ball w/ a sputtering fuse & sporting his stylish black slouch hat & cape?) The nimrod who posted this older-than-his-parents propaganda at RedState is typically unaware. Note his original title, visible in your browser's address bar: "i-never-knew-anything-like-this-existed-this-should-be-required-viewing-for-every-politician-and-voter-in-this-country." Not to worry, young & ignorant, this crap existed for quite a while before you were imposed on the earth. Glad you're impressed. Few others were, but those who take the message seriously compensate for their paltry numbers by shouting "Wolf!" the loudest. And have for the last fifty yrs. Is there nothing new?
By way of the modest "justme" from the commentariat @ Sadly, No!

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