Saturday, June 20, 2009

Anarcho-Nihilist Keyboard Commando Stretches Fingers, Types

You can bet your ever-widening asses that if the entire editorial staff here weren't wretched, aging & sedentary, w/ our own ever-widening ass, we'd be right there in Tehran, burning motorcycles at the very least. Or in front of the Federal Bldg. in Westwood waving flags or honking. Alas, not either. At least we weren't getting ice cream somewhere. Can you imagine?
Some can. In the imagination of Patterico, contrasting & comparing the triviality of a CBS News WH correspondent micro-blogging the President taking his daughters out for ice cream w/ Twits [sic] from the screen-name "Change for Iran" proves something. Nothing's proved to us beyond the triviality of whoever's running the WH beat at CBS News, & possibly the gullibility of Patterico.
If anyone actually gave a damn they could look, but it's no stretch of the imagination that Those Who Comment There will establish each & every point that Patterico has implied.
It should be obvious that any Real American President would release a WH photo of himself staring into space out an aircraft window, or using the "frowning" expression while pretending to listen to some hot bit of gossip from the vast human intelligence network our top-drawer (underwear, socks) National Intelligence/Security Complex has established in Iran under the last few prexies, rather than taking his children out for ice cream. "Presidentin's serious bidness." After all, there's so fucking much he could be doing to further the cliched "freedom blah democracy blah oil rights blah" blather of the right. Like, um, making things worse.
Doubtless the twittering will be seen as evidence that THE MEDIA is "in the tank for [idiotic, often bordering on racist, attempt at an insulting name for Obama]. On the somewhat more advanced level we're on, it just looks as if P. T. Barnum is doing 14,400 r. p. m. in his eternal resting place. How much lower will that lowest common denominator get?
Crap, we didn't want to ruin our evening by reading comments there, but it took a typing eternity to imagine/predict them, & was about as slimy an experience. Anything left in that bottle?

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