Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Comedy Crack-Down Coming?

Huffiness & P. C. coming out of all Internet woodwork. Is this even bigger than "NRO Assho' 'outs' blogger?" Probably not; it doesn't involve the web log typists as much as (Horrors!) "outing" does. Below is this morning's follow-up to Letterman's vicious attack. Herpes!!
Funniest (in an endearingly stupid way) is the interpretation of "knocked up" as "raped." Also funny is the instant dog-pile the moment one them of finds a way to misinterpret or distort a statement by someone of actual importance. Or finds something imaginary but not any less offensive in a late night comedy cliche. The slightest whiff of a personal slight is red meat to the starving pack, & there's no waiting to see what they're chowing on: One of the other mutts might get there first. Besides, if Sarah Palin's a politician, isn't it a compliment to equate her w/ a crack whore?

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