Saturday, June 27, 2009

Annals Of Right Wing Extremism: "That Seemed Like Prejudice."

It bounced around the news world a bit when the murders took place last month, but sensationalistic though it was, the press sat on it, in their "liberal" way, & the leftish bloggers didn't wallow in it (Naturally, rightbloggers weren't about to mention it, unless forced to react by the left-o-sphere. When it would have been the usual "Oh, no, they're leftists, see?") Then time was taken to investigate the events, facts were assembled, & an article was composed. How much more proof of the intolerable liberal bias of the media is needed?
The three people arrested in the crime include the leader of Minutemen American Defense, a Washington State-based offshoot of the Minutemen movement, in which citizens roam the border looking for people crossing into the country illegally. Former members describe the group’s leader, Shawna Forde, 41, as having anti-immigrant sentiments that are extreme, at times frightening, even to people accustomed to hard-line views on border policing. [...] Mr. Metzger quit the group, alarmed, he said, by a number of things, including Ms. Forde’s demand for extreme loyalty, right down to the choice of cuisine. “I had to take an oath, and part of the oath was that I couldn’t eat Mexican food,” he said. “That’s when red flags went up all over for me. That seemed like prejudice.”
Oy. How can you top that? This crap is literally starting to write itself. (Does this have anything to do w/ the Democrat conspiracy to "change the taste of food?")

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