Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Leftist" Jew-Hater? Not Quite, Schmucks.

At The not-so-damn-"New"-any-more Republic, Jonathan Chait clarifies attempts by right-wingers to get the stain of Holocaust Museum murderer "von Brunn" off their hands.
Second, a certain strand of conservative thought is comfortable with most of the tenets of Republican doctrine with the exception of free trade and, especially, Jews, Israel, and neoconservative influence. Pat Buchanan is the emblem of this brand of conservatism. Buchanan is generally a Republican partisan except for Jewish/Israeli/Middle Eastern issues where he takes strong exception. Von Brunn is pretty clearly a violent and more extreme adherent of Buchanan's basic worldview. That he would detest a neoconservative institution like the Standard isn't "complicating" or surprising at all.
There you have it, right-wingers. Take some of the personal responsibility you pretend motivates you, two-faced scum. And stop your whining victimization. Keep it up & you will be victims, of your own hate-filled reactionary ideologies.
Not everyone at TNR is willing to take credit for their new & "complicated" friend.
the fact that von Brunn might have been planning to shoot up the flagship publication of neoconservatism and not, say, the offices of Mother Jones -- absolutley "complicates" the narrative that many liberals are cynically trying to construct around this tragedy. --James Kirchick
What "narrative" is being constructed here that is in any way different from reality & truth? Huh? Kirchick clearly demonstrates that "von Brunn" was an anti-Semite. He clearly types "Von Brunn is most certainly a 'right-winger,'" then pretends that because this pathetic old fuck's "politics" were straight-up Jew-hating, as opposed to the regular right-wing jew-haters who want to keep Israel (not Jewish people in general) going for the purposes of the Book of Revelation, this is "complicated." You just can't have everything both ways, droolers.

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