Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Curiouser & Then More Curious, Even ...

Latest on SC Gov. Mark Sanford:
His gov't. issue SUV (Chevrolet Suburban) allegedly tracked to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport sometime over the wknd., has now been spotted in Columbia, SC. The less sophisticated among us will need (as we did) to be reminded that Columbia is the capital of the State of So. Carolina.
No one has heard his voice since Thursday (or earlier) & no one seems sure where his vehicle is/was or has been. Stories conflict. And Gov. Right-Wing Family Values (patriarchal hierarchy, if you don't mind) isn't even at home w/ his brood of four for a Fathers Day photo-op. That alone should eliminate him from 2012 contention for the Party of Two-Faced Bullshit & Hypocrisy's slot. (Though it probably wouldn't.) His disappearance has been attributed to wanting to get caught up on some writing or other "project" he was behind on, or a desire to "hike the Appalachian Trail."
He certainly has a mess of splainin' to do. We can't quite believe he was foolish enough to be off doing something naughty w/o adequately covering his tracks (Though of course he was foolish enough to make a big deal out of wanting to refuse stimulus funds for his benighted state, & as a right-winger is pretty much the very definition of "fool.") but it's always the cover-up (perhaps a lack of one in this case) that kills them.
However innocuous the explanation or events turn out, we just hope that wherever he was, Gov. Sanford wasn't planning his 2012 presidential strategy. If he was, his expedition to wherever may become the new definition of a lost, or completely wasted, weekend.

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