Monday, June 29, 2009

Death To AmeriKKKa!

We can't wait for our fondest AmeriKKKa-hating dream to come true.
In an interview this week with al Jazirah, Mustafa abu al Yazid, a longtime Egyptian al Qaeda operative who identifies himself as the supervisor general of al Qaeda in Afghanistan, predicts that the jihadists and their allies in the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban will take over both countries. When they do Yazid says they will then use Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal “against the Americans.”
Bring it on, baby!!
Only this year have we understood that Afghanistan and Pakistan are one theater of war, a fact bin Laden has understood since the 1980s ...
We hope President Obama (who, oddly enough, has been in office "only this year") will be able to use the intelligence & common sense his predecessor lacked to keep the crazed "Af-Pak" versions of AmeriKKKa's religious right from FedExing an Islamic nuke to a phony address in or near downtown Los Angeles.

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