Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hope You Weren't Holding Your Breath

In a fit of stupidity yesterday, we made an idle promise to find short-fingered vulgarian (A big tip of the Bouffant chapeau to whoever coined that one.) Donald Trump extolling his friendship w/ Michael Jackson, & Keith Olbermann sucking up to Trump. Repugnant.
No, this is the putrid fakir Deepak Chopra. Is this even what we were typing about? Let's look again. Well, the outro here is vomitous. "I've lost a brother." The Trump bit may not have been under the "Countdown" rubric, but Olbermann pressed into service to continue the breathless live coverage MSNBC offered us, post-"Countdown." Maybe we'll snoop around more at MSNBC. Or grow wings & fly away.


Righteous Bubba said...

"I've lost a brother."

Oh dear. Couldn't save him, doc?

M. Bouffant said...

Med Ed. Replies:

Chopra's a doctor of bullshit, no more, no less.

The Trump bit was even worse, w/ Olbermann being all solicitous of Trump's "suffering & loss."