Tuesday, June 9, 2009

End Of The Tragically Hip?

As if any one at The New York Times has ever had a real job:
Luis Illades, an owner of the Urban Rustic Market and Cafe on North 12th Street, said he had seen a steady number of applicants, in their late 20s, who had never held paid jobs: They were interns at a modeling agency, for example, or worked at a college radio station. In some cases, applicants have stormed out of the market after hearing the job requirements. “They say, ‘You want me to work eight hours?’” Mr. Illades said. “There is a bubble bursting.”
Main thrust of the story is that the inbred spawn of the privileged are not getting as much money from home as previously.
For 18 months after graduating from Colby College, Jack Drury, 24, lived the way many Williamsburg residents do: He followed his passions, working in satellite radio and playing guitar. He earned money as a bicycle messenger and, on occasion, turned to his parents for money. But as the recession deepened last fall, his parents had to cut the staff at their event planning company to 30 workers from 50. Asked for his help, Mr. Drury cast aside his other pursuits and started work as a project manager for his parents. But he still plays the guitar in two bands, Haunted Castle and Rats in the Walls. “My future is in the family business,” he said. “Music is just for fun.”
Where are the angry peasants & burghers w/ the torches & pitchforks? Burn some of them out of their $700,000 apartments! These people shouldn't be allowed to breed, & allowing them to breathe may be a stretch.

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