Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jews Control World Through Sheet Music Industry!

From the left-wing (Well, wasn't he against Israel? That's all lefty & stuff.) wretch who killed Stanley Johns, the guard at the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum:
Remember, the Federal Reserve Act (1913) gave JEWS control of America's MONEY. Followed by control of America's main sources of information. Early on, during the war-torn 20th Century, the only broadcast networks : ABC, CBS, and NBC -- were JEW owned. Today, JEWS control ALL important sources of information (The major networks, Newspapers, Magazines, Book-publishing, Tin-Pan Alley, Music & Recording Industry, Hollywood, Encyclopedia Britannica, Public schools and Universities, the Catholic Church, etc.).
Of course we knew they'd bought the Catholic Church out from under the bead-rattlers after the Church just about went bankrupt during that tulip investing thing in the 1630s, but Tin Pan Alley & the Britannica? Their grip on America is virtually unbreakable now!
Is it now a matter of time until the whispering becomes a shout? The "media." "Hollywood" liberals? We all know which clannish, clever people run those outfits, don't we? Now you understand why the "media" supported Obama, don't you?


Larry Harmon said...

Yeah, Tin Pan Alley is a hotbed of political activism- if it still exists anymore. I think that the Brill Building still exists as a nerve center of semitic world take-over activity, just like the Fed........

M. Bouffant said...

Muzak Ed:

That Carole King & her Jew/hippie co-conspirators were the last gasp of the Brill Bldg., we believe.

In other news from the past, did you hear that killer "von Brunn" allegedly used a rifle that was made sometime between 1900 & 1930? The reporter's reaction was that it therefore "couldn't be traced," as if it had been handed to him personally by Osama Bin Laden, rather than, say, "vB" rec'd. it as a birthday or Xmas gift when he was 10 or whatever.

Larry Harmon said...

I have in my possession a .22 caliber bolt-action rifle with no serial number on it whatsoever. Serial numbers weren't required until the Gun Control Act of 1934 (that also outlawed Tommy guns for the masses). My father bought the gun when he was 12 years old, in 1932, from Montgomery Wards for $4.95. They didn't bother to put serial numbers on cheaper guns back then to save money in manufacturing costs. More expensive guns have had serial numbers on them since at least the turn of the 20th century.