Thursday, June 25, 2009

Budget Crisis

Why was the body of Michael Jackson, sickening Jehovah's Witness, repellent child abuser/molester, self-hating black person/closet case & all-around pervert, liar & talentless reducer of music to crap given a cross-town helicopter ride from the UCLA Medical center to the USC campus, whence it was then vanned to the Medical Examiner's office?
Where they afraid the herd of cretinous ghouls milling around the UCLA Med Center would jump the coroner's van & rip the body to shreds for souvenirs? Possibly.
We hope Sicko's estate pays for that last ride, no matter the reason. We doubt if actual talent Sky Saxon is getting any special treatment in Austin.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Hey now!

As circulation manager consultant (no I have no experience, let alone happy client referrals), I urge you to focus on the good stuff.

JJones said...

The negative influence of the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses on Michael and his family have been either downplayed or totally ignored for as long as the Jackson Family has received public attention. For those readers who really want to know what life is like to be reared in the WatchTower Cult, nothing beats real world scenarios, and of real world scenarios, nothing beats actual civil and criminal court cases.

The following website summarizes 900 court cases and lawsuits involving children of Jehovah's Witness Parents. The summaries demonstrate how JW Families rear their children and live life day-to-day. Also included are nearly 400 CRIMINAL cases -- most involving MURDERS:


M. Bouffant said...

Partying & Religion Editor Says:

Both of these are good stuff.

You don't suppose the Witnesses killed him, do you?