Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Sheep Look Up
(More [And More Vicious Than Usual] Editorial Comment)

W/ the recent events in the Islamic Republic of Iran, we are now anxiously awaiting the awakening of humanoids world-wide, who, if they were human (& not the pathetic herd creatures they've allowed themselves to become) would rise & fill the streets w/ the blood, intestines & brain matter of their oppressors, starting w/ the chickenshit bullies who form police agencies world-wide, & continuing up the ladder of repression to the actual leaders of the horrible societies that have been formed all over our little planet to insure the continued dominance of the powerful over those who work for a living. As usual, we aren't holding our breath. We've no idea how you awful, stupid & ignorant people were convinced that the current way of things is good or even tolerable, but it's been said no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the AmeriKKKan people. This analysis can't be limited to Yankee pig-dogs or their levels of intelligence; it's a world-wide phenomenon/problem. Frankly, it makes you punk-ass chumps look like a big fucking pile of brain-dead losers. If you stupid shits acquiesce in your own oppression, the only rational view is that you don't deserve to be free, & should be squashed right along w/ those who are on your backs sucking your blood right now. It is the firm editorial position of this web log that the only crimes are stupidity & evilness, & the sentence for both should be death. Let's get to work!!
Yours in nihilism, we remain, yr. humble yet disobedient not-servant, etc.,
Malignant "Chas." Bouffant
P. S.: And the horse you rode in on!

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