Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who Else Sucked This Wknd.? And Did Anyone Not-Suck?

In case there was any question, Thomas L. Friedman's most recent NYT column was just as crummy as Maureen Dowd's. Rich's might have been OK.
We're too busy sending tweets to twits to read any more of that NYT stuff for pointy-heads. And too damn lazy to link anything. When will the telepathic devil-boxes be here? How much longer must we suffer the agony of repetitive clicking to make stupidity appear? It's so much easier to think it & be done. In defense of The NYT, we should mention the Barbara Ehrenreich series on poor people in these United Snakes, which started here.
Not just these United Snakes, but important parts thereof:
The question I put to this rainbow group was: “Has the recession made a significant difference in the low-income communities where you work, or are things pretty much the same?” My informants — from Koreatown, South Central, Maywood, Artesia and the area around Skid Row — took pains to explain that things were already bad before the recession, and in ways that are disconnected from the larger economy. One of them told me, for example, that the boom of the ’90s and early 2000s had been “basically devastating” for the urban poor. Rents skyrocketed; public housing disappeared to make way for gentrification.

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