Thursday, June 11, 2009

Takin' The Extra Step & Gettin' The Gun Out

Fox News studio personality Shepard Smith thinks that people are getting a little heated up about, you know, things. What does he base this on? Of all things, the disturbed & disturbing e-mails that are received all day long at Fox News.
We are led to understand (OK, we read it somewhere & it's too much of a pain to continue breathing, let alo— huh? Oh, pain, yes, the pain, oh-oh ... pain to remember where the hell we read it & find it & click away to link it & ...) that following Hurricane Katrina a certain amount of wool was pulled from Smith's eyes, & he's no longer as fair & balanced as some of his colleagues. But it's funny he should mention preposterous e-mail, considering that most of it is probably a clever re-phrasing of fellow Foxcaster Glen Beck. Assuming Beck's not sending most of it himself.

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