Wednesday, June 10, 2009

250 Words Or Less (Because That's All The Words They Know)

Mitt Romney would like you to write an essay for him that reflects the name of his PAC. This will somehow provide solutions to the "new generation [none of them "new" at all, of course, just the left-overs from the previous administration] of problems" that face us. Or something.
This is the best they have to offer? "Please, our ideology has been discredited, we're authoritarians flailing in the darkness w/o an even marginally effective leader, do any of you Real Americans have anything at all that we could use for, like, a slogan or bumper sticker or something?"
Were we to send an essay to Mittens, we'd let him know that a "Strong & Free" America does not include corporate raider disaster capitalists like the one-term Massachusetts Governor. But that's just us, & an entirely hypothetical proposition. We can't divert any of our precious time to trivia like this, we've other trivia to pursue.

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