Wednesday, June 10, 2009

America Under Seige: Day I

Why, looky here!! The rabid weasels are increasing their acts of terror. Can you even imagine?

D.C. Shooting: Time To Revisit Criticism Of “Right Wing Extremists” Report

Let's recap. The FBI allegedly knew about the fundamentalist (Mohammedan) who allegedly killed the recruiter. And the FBI knew about the fundamentalist (Christian) who allegedly killed the doctor providing legal services to women. And the FBI or the CIA or another alphabet agency had a pretty good idea about the Saudi fundamentalists that attacked America on 11 September, 2001. Wonderful record our agencies have, isn't it? Will any of these agencies be taken to task for their gross negligence, ineptitude & incompetence? Ever? Or does discourse on this subject remain in politician default mode? The same lying crap about what noble warriors they are & how CIA employees are putting their lives on the line, for example, 'though most of them seem to sit in offices misreading, misunderstanding, misinterpreting or ignoring information vital to our national security. We've no idea how to force any of these agencies to do the jobs they're supposed to do (few if any administrations, right or what passes for left in AmeriKKKa, have had much luck w/ these outfits, which seem to continue doing whatever they want to do, no matter who is nominally in charge) but something really should be done about this mess, while we still have a country to defend from internal menaces. A crazed 89-yr. old bastard w/ a shotgun. Are we safe from anything?

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