Thursday, June 11, 2009

Further Note On The "Chosen People"

(If the last few thousand yrs. of history are any indication, we wouldn't want to be the "chosen" of the Hebrews' War Gawd. If it had decided that it didn't like Jewish people, where would they be today?)
People (not just the "chosen" ones) get that clue! The sooner you realize that reasonable, reality-based disagreements w/ the State of Israel's policies & actions are not, per se, anti-Semitic, the better off every one concerned will be. The Israeli state is not the Jewish people. Is that clear enough for you?
And you should all wise up to the fact that contemporary Christian theology/ideology indicates that America has replaced Israel as the favorite of the inconsistent Killer in the Sky. It's called AmeriKKKan Exceptionalism, if you haven't heard, & it means that Americans ("real" ones, anyway) are now the special, chosen, can do no wrong people. Sorry, Israelites.

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