Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Annals Of "Just Shut The Fuck Up"

"JSTFU." Literally. That's all they've got. Nothing. They're just Twitting it in. And it's not very satisfying to one of the RedStaters, who is issuing steam from all orifices.

To majority media and other Democrats: we police our own, and you don’t get to judge

Drop dead.
C & C: Two married Republican Promisekeepers, a U. S. Senator & the governor of a state, have affairs, the Senator w/ one of his staffers (who is married to another of his employees) the governor w/ an Argentinian woman to whom he wrote silly e-mails. (We mention the e-mails only because the "majority media" [There's a new one. What's it supposed to mean?] knew about the e-mails
Below are excerpts of e-mails, obtained by The State newspaper in December, between Gov. Mark Sanford's personal e-mail account and Maria, a woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
and had been sitting on them since December.) Gov. Spitzer, Democrat of New York, also married, carries on w/ a hooker. No more morally superior than the other two, but not ruining anyone else's lives & marriages, either. Gov. Spitzer resigns the governorship, the two Republicans resign Senate leadership positions & the seat as chair of the Republican Governors Conference, respectively. That's "policing your own?" Not one of these Republican perverts who've been exposed has resigned anything beyond added "leadership" posts. Not Craig, Vitter, or any of them. There's the much-vaunted responsibility & accountability of the right-wing & their libertarian fellows. Not to mention the utter irresponsibility of Sanford's actions & deceptions, which go far beyond his personal life, & may well amount to dereliction of his gubernatorial duty. Ah, "duty." Another world completely stripped of its meaning by the right. The best is yet to come. The depths of liberal perfidy had been reached, we assumed, by the election of a person of not completely Northern European genetic heritage to the Presidency, or passage of gay marriage bills, fluoridation, or whatever other atrocities the majority of the country have voted for, but there is a new threat to AmeriKKKa as we know her on the horizon. From the commentariat to the above item:
To suggest that Republicans, who didn’t try to change the taste of food, or dictate to Americans what they could drive, are imposing their beliefs on others, while Democrats are some force for freedom, displays an ignorance, or willful deceit, on the part of anyone uttering such nonsense. Just park it, Democrats. You played this card until it wore through. You told us to shut up countless times. Now it’s your turn.
Yes, we ("The Left," or The International Communist Conspiracy) are "trying to change the taste of food." Food itself. Not a specific food, but ALL FOOD. Stand athwart history & stop that, reactionaries!! Soon, the bland middle-Amurkin diet will have flavor!! Dijonaise for all, & nothing else for anyone! More seriouslier: Republicans have been pushing "The hope of our party is in the statehouses. Governators & so on. Between the two nitwits mentioned, & the recent stupid & racist e-mails circulated by elected R legislators & their staff members, should we put off estimates of Republican resurgence for another election cycle or two, or write the whole mess off?
P. S.: "Drop dead," yourself, you little piece of garbage.
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