Tuesday, May 18, 2021

"Death From Above": Malcolm Gladwell Is A Murderous War Crime-Endorsing Chump

Stop lying & omitting facts, Gladwell, you sack of Canadian crap.
... sly maliciousness and explosive vacuity: the two primary qualities of Gladwell’s oeuvre.
A skeptical reader may wonder: Why would Malcolm Gladwell, who seems to admire LeMay so much, talk at such great length about the lethality of LeMay’s Japanese firebombing? The answer lies in what this story leaves out. Mentioned only glancingly in Gladwell’s story are the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. The omission allows for a stupid and classically Gladwell argument: that indiscriminate firebombing brought a swift end to the war, and its attendant philosophical innovations continue to envelop us in a blanket of security that has not been adequately appreciated.
In 1968, he [Lemay] would join forces with segregationist George Wallace as the vice-presidential candidate on his “American Independent Party” ticket, a fact literally relegated to a footnote in Gladwell’s book. This kind of omission is par for the course in The Bomber Mafia. While Gladwell constantly reminds the reader that the air force leadership was trying to wage more effective wars so as to end all wars, he cannot help but shove under the rug that which is inconvenient.
[The Baffler]

Mt. St. Helens Blows Its Stack

Produced by Birthday Boy Capra:

Monday, May 17, 2021

Late Moroccan Monday

Is the squirrel supposed to look like a flasher, or does that say more about this reporter than Hanna-Barbera?

"Missed It By That Much"

According to Axios, acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller told associates he had three goals for the final weeks of the Trump administration: #1: No major war. #2: No military coup. #3: No troops fighting citizens on the streets.
Jonathan Last: “Please read that paragraph again: The president’s own incoming (acting) SecDef believed that his three important goals were to preventing the defeated president from starting a war; prevent the defeated president from executing a military coup; and prevent the defeated president from using troops against civilians.”
[Political Wire]

"All Right Now"

Brown vs. Board Of Education Decided, N.Y.S.E. Founded Under A Tree

50 Yrs. Ago Today In Jesus

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Elevating The Discourse

600,000 Dead: It's Murder!!

Merely the official count, of course. Blood's all over your hands, Trump.

 United States

Coronavirus Cases:






Henry Fonda Will Cut A Bitch
For His Birthday

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Germy Saturday

Judgement For Standard Oil, Justice For George Wallace

Lunatic Fringe

"Why is he up there doing all this and acting like the President? Why can't somebody stop it? This is driving me crazy!" Driving, lady? You're waaaay off the map.

Note the economic anxiety of the corn-fed middle-aged whiteys in the well-appointed Myrtle Beach meeting room.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Hereditary Mental Illness & Delusion

Andrew apparently not the spawn of Rudy Giuliani's first marriage, to his second cousin. Coulda fooled me.
Bob Brigham / Raw Story:
Giuliani's son tells Russian state TV people don't want to live in America after FBI raided his dad  —  The son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on Russian TV to push conspiracy theories about the federal investigation of his father.  —  Andrew Giuliani accused the American government …
If you low-rent mouthpieces like Russia so much, why dontcha go live there?

Time For More Mass Shootings?

Rob Crilly / Daily Mail:
I mean, he can't have the level of S.S. protection he had when he was occupying the Executive Mansion, can he?

Friday The Thirteenth A Day Early

Aaaannnd that's all we have here.
Nope, not a gawddam thing.

Although Thurs. the 13th has a certain alliteration to it.

40 Yrs. Ago Today: Pope Plugged, Limeys Invade America, U.S. Invades Mexico, Stevie Wonder Born

This reporter's generation will always think of him as "Little" Stevie.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Fuck Every One Of These Baby-Murdering Fucks

Bryan Bender / Politico:
‘Disturbing and reckless’: Retired brass spread election lie in attack on Biden, Democrats  —  A day after 124 retired generals and admirals released a letter spreading the lie that President Joe Biden stole the election, current and former military officers are speaking out …
Return them all to active duty, court-martial them & take away their retirement money. Fucking fascist assholes.

Lindbergh Baby Found Dead!