Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rite Of Spring

A hundred yrs. ago today
Les Ballets Russes had a new ballet
They started to shout
And a riot broke out
& w/in a yr., World War I, baby!
Inspiration. Then we were reminded we should finish this item & get it out of draft stage before the aniversary passed. The obvious.

We've nothing to add, other than we're partial to the Stravinsky-conducted Columbia Masterworks recording (from the later 1940s?) but consider it a terrible imposition to look for it if it isn't immediately visible in the YouTube suggestions. Not entirely sure, but it's implied the above version is various performances edited together. We'll certainly give it a listen to it the next time we have (53:36) available & there's nothing "good" on telebision.

[Prepared 7/II/13, possibly never polished]